For Parents Back Walkover on Beam and punch front punch front on floor:)

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Emily did it... 2 nights ago she finally actually started going backwards on the high beam by herself. I am so proud of her. She is still very apprehensive about the skill so the form needs some work but that will come as her confidence improves... 4 practices till first level 6 meet and I just hope we can have 4 great beam practices.

Oh and Monday night, Emily was one of the only ones who got to attempt a punch front punch front combo on floor because she was doing punch front flysprings combo so well. She did it a few times and landed them:) I was like wow:) Very impressed at her front tumbling skills lately:) She loves front tumbling:)
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It sounds like Emily and Olivia are in the same place. Her BWO on beam has been her trouble spot. Her HC pulled me aside the one night and said that she's done her job, it's up to her now to continue to do it. She had done like 25 BWO's and, needless to say, was a little teary eyed but she's a trooper. She has the best form on her team, if I do say so myself. :rolleyes: Her coach even said, she could place first all the time if she could just get that BWO. Well, she's getting it!

Good for her on the punch fronts, too. Sounds like her skills are really coming together and she'll be more than ready for that first meet. Our first meet is just a mock meet and it's not until November 21st.


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Sep 25, 2007
Congrats to her for working through her fears on that BWO on beam. I hope she has some great beam practices before her meet!

And I am sure she just loved doing those punch front punch fronts. I love front tumbling (well, watching it, LOL).


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Feb 26, 2007
Good for her for getting over that BWO herself, such great things learned in the gym by persevering. My youngestis feeling the same way about the BWO, she can nail it on the med beam no problem, but the high beam is another story. I just tell her that she has time (of course here she can just put in another A).

Love that floor combo, I assume when she gets to optionals that tumbling is more flexible and she'll be able to use some of these combos them


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Mar 7, 2008
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Congrats to Emily on the BWO and punch front! GL to her at her meet.

Little Monkey's first level 6 meet is this Sunday. We are staying overnight and having dinner w/her teammates (lol, ONE other L6 and 2 L5's). She is so excited and she tells me that she has gotten over her squat on fear. We will see. Her reward (aka bribe) will be a HOPE t-shirt that they're selling thru Chilli's for St. Judes!


Congrats to Emily! That is awesome!! My dd is the complete opposite - back tumbling is easy for her. She has had her bwo on high beam for over a year and now has bhs and bwo/bhs - zero fear of it. Front tumbling is a whole other issue! Her punch front is very spotty and her fhs combination is not particularly attractive just yet. A punch front / punch front combo is awesome for Emily to have!

Good luck to Little Monkey this weekend!

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