Bail/half shoot on bars


Jun 6, 2020
I have realized that when I practice my bail on bars I have a couple issues that seem to be impossible to fix.
1. my knees tend to bend when I first begin to twist but then they kick straight again. I know many people often have this problem but as much as I try to think of keeping them straight, they continue to bend quickly past the low bar.
2. in my bail my body likes to kind of fly in the air. I think I need to be getting my hands to the low bar quicker, but while doing my bail I tend to release and go up really high and then come back down straight on top of the bar which puts more pressure on my body & causes it to go out of control. When this happens, my shoulders open up way to much and my legs & back become loose. No matter what my body likes to go to handstand, so I really struggle with this. I try to not put as much force in the skill but it continues to happen this way. Just looking for any tips!
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