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For Coaches Beam Mounts?

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I coach a prep optional team (levels novice, intermediate and advanced) My intermediate/advanced girls have come up with some pretty creative mounts (pull overs, backwalkovers and carthweels to front support, etc).
The novice girls have never competed before and I am used to the compulsary routines at this level. The girls are about a level 3/4 in skill level and currently all but 1 has a standard jump to front support swing leg over mount. Any ideas on some simple (easy to learn) more creative mounts to use?

I love that prep opt lets them get creative with routines, but as the coach of 20 kids, 10 of which dont have much experience its hard to come up with some thing different for each one so they feel like individuals!


Some things the novice prep op girls I competed with did:

-jump up to straddle split (this took a mat and a spring board, but that was allowed)
-jump up to OTHER pose on the beam (one did a knee scale, which makes me wince thinking about it, another had one leg through her hands and the other stretched out on the beam to the side. Just different ways of sitting mostly)
-One older girl just turned around and jumped up and sat on the beam (back to the beam, sat on it)
-One girl did a forward roll in practice, but she may have not competed it till she moved up
-Another girl did Shawn Johnson's run and jump thing, but she may have competed something else.

Rec Coach

Tuck / straddle / pike on. For smaller girls they'll need a block or springboard.

tuck through - to rear support - looks cool but kind of awkward to get out of.


Sep 19, 2008
Jump to sit from end of the beam and then lean backwards off the end of the beam.


Kind of like this, though of course maybe not with the leg up like Nastia does in this picture because that will look pathetic if you don't have the flexibility/lines

also, maybe some of them could do a handstand against the beam from the side, lean over to sit? Depending of size you'll need some extra mats and a springboard for that.

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
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I've always loved pommel-horse inspired mounts -- leg cuts and scissors being the easiest to train.

If you're not sure how to teach them, grab the nearest boy's coach -- he'll probably get a kick out of it.
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