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Best boys gymnastics clubs in the country?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by GymTribe, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Hello all,

    My son first started Gymnastics at the age of 8. However, he wasn't at a great gym that didn't push him at all and decided to quit gymnastics - finishing on the BSAP levels. After five years away from gymnastics, at the age of 15, he has recently decided that he would LOVE to get back into gymnastics! He has listed his goal as to earn a college scholarship to a NCAA team for his final year of college (age 22).

    Deciding that this is something he would love to do, he has told me that he would be willing to travel anywhere in the country to join a top gymnastics club that can take him places. Additionally, he has been on his high school diving team for his Freshman year this past school year and has really learnt lots of skills through that.

    So, where are the top gyms in the US (I have no idea!)?!?! He has mentioned something about WOGA but is this the best club?

    Any advice would be appreciated :)
  2. That really sounds like a big move for something that's likely a long shot. Are you talking about moving the entire family?

    At any rate, i'd say the beat boys teams in the country are Swiss Turners and 5280.
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  3. What area of the country? Some programs will take a highly motivated older guy and some won't. And what is a BSAP level?

    I have to say that even if he is a great tumbler and flipper, getting competitive on the other four events will be a mighty tall order, especially pommel horse. Just ask some of the 14 to 15 year olds who've been at it since age 6 or 7 and are still struggling with travels.
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  4. So, there are lots of great programs. Swiss and 5280 as said above. Universal in Miami, and several in Texas.

    however, IMO, the best program is the one that will work with your son, help him reach whatever goals he can, fits in with his personality, and encourages him to do his best. SOme of those mentioned above might not even take a kid at 15 that hasn't been doing gym forever. Other, smaller gyms will, adn might be a better fit for a kiddo who is starting out and needs more 1:1 attention. I know our gym took at 12 yo brand new to gym,a nd he went to college for gymnastics. Not all gyms will do that.

    Good luck to your son! I hope he finds a place and gets to work at this.
  5. What part of the country?
  6. To the OP, I just don't know how realistic this proposal is ....you say he'd " love to get back into gymnastics" , and get a college scholarship at 22.....meaning he is not presently doing it and he's already 15, and he'd be competing with boys who have been at it for years.....before I uprooted my family ( or even just him) heading to the "best boys program in the country", I'd put him in a decent boys program in my general area to see if he still " has it" and how he progresses there...if he's blowing the socks off of everyone and relishing his foray back into gymnastics, only then would I even think of moving to accomplish this.....
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  7. I could tell you our gym loves to take on tough cases and they have guys on the national team too......I'm sure there are quite a few gyms in the country like this so I agree with bookworm.......
    Gymnastics and 8 or 10 is VERY different than st 15 yo
  8. I so agree with this...and the levels he's already finished ( the BSAP) , are the early compulsory type levels (1-3) ...add that with being away from the sport totally for 5 years...not saying it's impossible but am saying it's not likely either...
  9. What your son wants is extremely ambitious. What you are asking is so vague. There are a lot of good/great gyms in the country. Will they be wiling to train your son? Are they set up to take a basically beginner teen and shoot for high levels? Who knows. Research the gyms near you, with your son now. If he really wants to do gym he needs to get in a gym this summer, today, tomorrow...
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  11. A little late to the conversation, but I didn't see Lakeshore Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Illinois mentioned. Their boys consistently put up numbers that I don't see at any other club in the country including 5280 and Swiss Turners.
  12. Please reply to current thread. This one is from 2015.
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