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She said she was working on shootovers on bars--and was getting them to handstand several times. One of the level 10s was watching her and said "What level were you last year anyway??" When Beth said "7" the other girl said "Really?!?" like she couldn't believe she wasn't higher. Beth had a smile on her face when she told me too. (of course I was thinking to myself if the girl had bothered to go to the meets and support the rest of the team, she'd KNOW what level Beth was--the girl is well known for never supporting the rest of the team).

So to make it a general question: Do team members at your gym support each other by going to watch meets for other levels? (like the 7s go watch the 8s session or the Compulsories go to Optional meets etc.)
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We definately support our level. We go to a large gym where last year there were approx 35 level 5's of all different ages. We will stay and watch if we are available but if we are out of town sometimes it is hard to stay and watch but most of our kids, even though there are over 150 on the team, know each other and their levels...

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Oct 3, 2007
We try to go and watch some of the other levels if we can. It is not required which I am greatful for. Life is busy enough trying to make it to our own Level meets.

All the girls in the gym know what level the other girls are. Also our optional team is small so they really support each other. I think that it helps we are a low key club and being number one is not important. They want only for the girls to do their best and try hard but also have a life outside the gym.

This works for us but I know it doesnt work for everyone. That is why I am so glad gymsnastic clubs come in all shapes and sizes just like people. I am a firm beleiver in you need to find the right place for your DD and family.

Wow didnt know I had all that in me. It is to bad for the teammate she is so unaware. She is the one missing out but, maybe she is a solo kind of kid.

Congrats to Beth btw. I am proud of her:)


Once and a while my dd and I will go to a meet where the higher-level girls are competing. Also, this season we competed at a meet where the age groups were divided up into 2 different sessions. So, half our team was in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. We stayed the afternoon to cheer the girls on. My dd did not qualify for states this year but she was there, cheering on the rest of her team! :) I agree that our lives are crazy with our own gymmies, going to too many other events would just add to that craziness!

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Dec 23, 2006
The optional group at our gym(and I'm sure most) is smaller than the compulsories, so the girls are very aware of who is at what level. As for going to watch other team members, its hard for the optionals because they practice Fri night and Sat am, so by the time they're done with practice part of the weekend is already gone. If the compulsory girls are competing at a meet close by, we might swing by to watch 1 session.

The compulsory girls are great about coming to watch the optionals at in state meets. Seems like the way meets had our kids scheduled this last year, it was very hard for the L7s to watch the 8s and so on. I think we were able to pull that off at 1 meet the whole season.


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Mar 6, 2009
Oh I bet she'll be on cloud nine for awhile! LOL. the old gym they all went to almost all the meets. Depended on the times locations etc. But there was always at least 2 girls hanging out to support the others. If you competed early you'd always end up staying for the next session - or if you competed late you'd come early . . .

at the new gym . . I'm not sure


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Jan 17, 2008
Cathiann - that is fantastic news about Beth!!

We are a relatively small gym, so everyone knows who is in what level, who is moving to what level, what skill a gymnast might be struggling in and what they need for a 'pass - up'. Sometimes it is not always a good thing! LOL a little too close...

But overall we love having such a close team. We compete in meets 2 hours outside of out town. (as you know) So we dont get to see all Beetles other teammates compete. But we do try to get down to one compuslary meet a year to watch the new girls. And we try to stay for part of the session after us or come early to watch the other girls. They are all very supportive.
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