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Bitty Bog Baby 2 meet report with video

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Feb 26, 2007
Well it was her 2nd meet, some improvements and some weird judging stuff. There were some very irate coaches at the meet, unusual for here, but the scores were all over the place. Drunk perhaps???

FLoor 12.35
Tramp 10.8
vault 9.25
Bars 11.4
Beam 9.4

First up was floor, her fav event, did a great job for her and she stuck most of her landings. Nice score for her.

Tramp, uhm I missed it totally as it was capital cup and the tramp was at the back. Score improved a lot, I assume the routine was okay. OOPS

Vault, first vault was quite nice except her head touched the table, 0.0. Second vault was UGLY with frog legs, but she got over it.

Bars, she did one warm up routine, capital cup, and fell on the squat on, ick. In the real routine she did a good job and improved her score from last time.

Beam, and this was the ugly scoring event. She fell on her cartwheel but only after she landed both feet. She did a nicer routine than her last meet, last tme she fell twice, and she got a lower score.

At the end of the meet the coach said she thinks she should go into timed sports as this meet sucked! Of course she only said this to me not the gymmies. The scores on beam were all over the place and somewhat the same on floor. This is tough for the older girls as the scores from these meet are needed to advance to provincials, top 3 on each apparatus go forward.

Anyway, Bitty Bog is happy and she will place 1st on all except beam as there were only two girls in her age group, but due to the political wranglings in our region she will not get her medals for two weeks.

Her third meet is the 4th April, there will be medals and a category for the three girls her age. That will be way more fun for everyone.

I am back there tomorrow for Bigger Bog Baby who has changed category since the last meet as she wanted to train less hours now she is in high school.

Videos are here YouTube - liamtaraerin's Channel, no vault too ugly and no tramp as I missed it.
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Nov 5, 2007
Cute floor routine.Nice bhs.That really stinks that they have to wait for their medals for 2 weeks.


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Jan 17, 2008
Nice job Bitty Bog...

Even though I read the post before I watched the video, When I saw that cartwheel on beam I thought she was going to stay on the beam! It was so close!

Have fun tomorrow.!


Woo-hoo, bitty baby bog! Nice work! She's a good little bar worker, that one. Loved the french in the back ground during her bar routine, lol! :cool:

Good luck to bigger baby bog at her meet! Keep us posted. :)


Sounds like she did great, even with wacky scoring. Sounds like you and your coach handle it great - not too much you can do. I just found out we have a mom who actually called to complain about judges at our last meet. I can't believe she would do that!

Too bad she has to wait to her medals! Hope her sis did well also!


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Jun 26, 2006
Ontario, Canada
I posted to youtube, but wanted to congratulate Bitty here too! She did a wonderful job. I just love watching litle girls get out and strut their stuff! (I spend WAY too much time watching videos!)

I totally understand about the vault, Rayna bit it last time and wouldn't let me post it either...not even when I promised to edit out the landing (or falling, as it were!) Maybe when they're bigger they'll come into their own with that monstrous apparatus?!?!
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