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Broken Elbow:( What to do?

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Jun 29, 2013
State championships are in 5 weeks and I've gone and Broke my elbow and sprained my wrist. Cast is't coming off for another 7 weeks. I know I can condition, and I can work on skills that don't involve my arms, but I'm not sure What else I can do. I'm out of state now. I was thinking of dropping Thursday for the rest of the term and taking up a Ballet Class (I do dance with the school team, and it's part of my elective schoolwork but I want to go to a studio) so I can work on my gracefulness and dance more. Just until the end of the year because I have physical therapy after the cast comes off and the estimated time for me to even do a handstand is not until next year.

would Ballet be a good idea? If not, what else can I do? I'll still go on saturdays, but Thursday is not really... needed right now... Any advice?


May 25, 2013
i suppose it depends what level you are really :) i dislocated my elbow at the end of may and competed for the first time at the end of September, although yours is much worse than mine and i was only in a cast for 2 weeks but i thing the biggest thing your going to have to tackle (well it was mine) is getting the arm straight again after its been in the cast for so long :)

i would suggest you keep up the conditioning and yeah i think ballet would differently help, just do all you can really, like i was allowed to do things like ariel cartwheels on beam with my cast on but everyones coaches are different and will say different things :) anyway yeah do the conditioning and ballet for sure it will really help in the long run!!:)


i've sprained my elbow and couldn't do gymnastics for 2 weeks. what i did was i did conditioning. after it was better i was glad to be back and i think you would be too. i hope it feels better!!!!:):):)
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