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bwo on beam

Discussion in 'UK' started by Annikins, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. Hi everyone, just a technical question. If you start the bwo on beam without lifting the leg first, does it still count as a bwo? ie if you basically do the bridge part mostly on two legs and then kick over (in one fluent motion) if that makes sense? Thanks!
  2. Probably, but it is not the right technique. The technique she is using is pushing her weight forward, which is not correct. I expect her coaches have also commented on this?
  3. I'm not sure - she's only six and to be honest often doesn't remember what she's been told by the time she comes out of the session, even if she corrects it at the time! She hasn't been learning it for long, so it isn't that consistent yet, and it sounds like maybe this is part of the problem? She starts with the front foot pointed, but as she goes backwards it goes a bit flat, although she says there is no weight on it, but I'm not sure you can tell that from where a judge would be sitting...
  4. Wait she's 6?! How many bwo does she does a day? Her back can't handle a lot on floor, beam is even worse. Limit them as much as possible please to prevent stress fractures in her back...
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  5. I've read a bit about that on here (didn't know about it before), but she's quite new to the club so I don't think I can really interfere... She doesn't have a mega flexible back like I've seen some do, and I understand that limits the risk as the bend is more evenly spread? She's supposed to do it in a competition in a couple of weeks, so she kind of needs to practise it before that! In the sessions, they do do quite a lot I must admit, like maybe 20-30?
  6. Could I also ask another question, as I see you're a coach? On floor, she is just learning her ro flic. She can do them by herself, but only just gets her hands down before her feet (ie does almost a whip). So she is going too high. Does she need to put less power into her jump, or change her takeoff angle, or something else? Thank you!
  7. It's pretty difficult to answer a question like that online. There are a lot of reasons she could be going too high - the round off flic is a pretty complex skill. Most common are not turning over the round-off enough, not reaching back aggressively, or landing the round-off incorrectly (especially with bent legs). As far as the initial back walk-over question, I think whether it will be judged as a BWO or not might depend heavily on who is judging and just how she performs it on that particular day.
  8. Thanks, that's all helpful. Hopefully the coach will help her correct them both over time. I just wondered what the coaches might be saying to her, as she can't remember much when she comes out of sessions!
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