Calf, Shin, and Knee Pain/Soreness

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May 30, 2016
Lately I have noticed that my calves hurt at practice. I haven't noticed it during normal activity, but the other day it hurt to JUMP!? Not very intense or anything, just uncomfortable(at least landing it was) We did floor first that day and I still did front tucks, robhshs, front handsprings, etc. Is it possible that I am starting to need more stretching time/harder conditioning? I am 14. After, we did conditioning(100 jumps on mat, 30 box jumps, mat pushes, frog jumps) and it felt better. During the school year, I usually stretch at home before practice, then again in practice(although I admit that in practice we kind of rush stretching), but now that it's summer, I usually don't stretch before practice. Yesterday my leg was still a bit sore. Today, my knee started hurting after I vacuumed for my mom... Also I don't really know anything about shin splints but I don't think that's it since the pain/soreness was mostly in my calves?
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