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Camp Wakeshma

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by twinmomma, Oct 31, 2016.

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  1. Has anyone T&Ter ever gone? It's not close to us at all but DD's coach put it on the schedule. I'm not sure if we are comfortable sending her - I suppose it will depend on how many of the DD's teammates go. DD has never been away from us for that long or that far away, so I have major concerns about her melting down halfway across the country and us having to just wait for her to come home. On the other hand, when I brought it up to her, she seemed like she was interested and made me sound silly for wanting to chaperone.

    She'll be 11 by the time the camp comes around.
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  2. The camp reminds me of the gymnastics camp we sent our 7 year old on Lake Champlain last year. She went with no friends or teammates, bunked with five other girls and had a good time. We did stay in the Burlington Vermont area the whole time, just in case, and saw her only once after we dropped her off, for about five minutes, to drop off some toiletries.
  3. I've honestly never heard of it, or any t&t camp done as a group activity for a team, but I am a HUGE fan of sleep away camps in general. I think kids- if they're comfortable with it- really have growing experiences there that they can't have with their parents around.

    ETA: I looked it up, and were we able I would absolutely send YDD. Seems like a great option, especially if other teammates and/or coaches are going. I honestly hate that we can't really send my YDD to most camps (Celiac). I think she'd have a blast.
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  4. Not a T&T parent but happened across this thread. I am a huge advocate of sleepaway camp for kids. It builds independence and self-confidence. My daughter has been going since she was six years old. The distance shouldn't be an issue, especially since she's traveling with the team so presumably there will be no flights as an unaccompanied minor involved. In fact, the distance could be a good thing. Kids tend to do best at camp with limited to no parental contact and the knowledge that no one's going to come pick them up until camp is over. Every camp where we have ever sent our daughter has advised parents not to tell kids they'll come and get them if they're unhappy, and most have restricted contact with parents. Sure, there is the occasional meltdown, but the camp staff are there for reassurance. By the next morning the kid is usually fine and happy and has realized that she is totally capable of surviving without her parents for a few days.

    If your daughter is at all hesitant about camp, this sounds like the perfect opportunity for her to test her wings. The few issues my daughter has had at camp have all been roommate-related (usually roommates who don't want to sleep as much as she does), and going with teammates will help insulate against those types of problems. Eleven is a great age for camp, too. She will be old enough to really enjoy the independence, but not so old that she thinks camp activities are corny.
  5. Sending you a pm
  6. Wow, I just looked this camp up. Does look fantastic. It would be great if it were after Tulsa Nationals (which is in late July). It was in late July last year, I don't see dates listed yet for 2017 summer. Are you the Norcal mom? My daughter will also be 11 and we are Norcal (region 2). I would be interested in sending my daughter, maybe we can coordinate? It's too bad Woodward West, Tehachapi doesn't do T&T any longer!
  7. I'm in in Norcal Region 2. We decided with all the extra travel we hadn't budgeted for this year (Texas, etc...) that we probably wouldn't do the camp this year, but would plan for it next year. Are you guys going to the mobility meet in December?
  8. We did the State Clinic in Reno a couple weeks ago and DD doesn't need any mobility scores, so no. Hopefully we will run into you at some of the meets. I think our first is in Livermore in January :)
  9. Seems like everyone will be there. It's Brentwood, not Livermore, but with only two local meets this year we will all likely be there for at least one. I think it's a shame the season is so tiny.
  10. The dates are July 31 to Aug 5th according to the USAG website. . We are also in Region 2 but in Az. Sending you a pm.
  11. DS went to Camp Wakeshema the summer before last. He had just turned 10. (He had been to flip fest twice before that with his sister so it wasn't his first away camp - newly 7 and almost 8 yo) Camp was driving distance to us, but many kids did fly in.
    He said the food wasn't as good as flip fest. He loved the training (it was outdoor training - tramp out on the basketball court, tumbling and DM under a shelter) They had more free time that flip fest (capture the flag, scavenger hunt with camp facts). The girls from our team also go and love it as well. It is different than flip fest since this camp has campers all summer but this one week is USAG T&T.
    Fell free to PM me with questions if I may be able to help.
  12. DD is heading to Wakeshma in July. Thank you so much for letting me know about this camp! :)
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  13. Sent you a pm
  14. I have had team mates that have gone every day they do 2 training sessions one in the morning and another in the afternoon the rest of the time they just do normal camp activities. My friends enjoyed it and said the location is beautiful.
  15. This thread is very old. Please do not post in ancient threads, it confuses everyone.
  16. I wish they were still doing the camp!! My daughter did go last year and had the most amazing time! It was a perfect balance between her favorite sport and a real camp! I already spoke with USAG about signing her up again this year and sadly, they won't be doing the camp any more. It was on Wakeshmas calendar originally, but USAG ended up ending it. So very sad. I really WISH Woodward would do a T&T!!!! They do gymnastics, cheer, acro, parkour and everything else, but no T&T. There just isn't anywhere for T&T gymnasts to do a summer camp any more. :(
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  17. I don't know your kid, but by 11yo most kids are more than ready to handle a sleep away camp. Even more so if others she knows are going as well. My dd who was quite attached to me went to sleep away gymnastics camp at 10yo. She went with a few teammates and had the best time of her life.
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