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Chalk and water on grips?

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How do you prepare your grips before you go on the bars? Do you use water then chalk, chalk then water? Do you even use water? Do you use honey? Do you use a scrapper to srap your chal off before you go on the bar??


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Sep 9, 2007
I'm neurotic about this, its a running joke at gym.

I scrape as much old chalk off as possible, then spray a tiny tiny tiny little bit. Then I chalk, then I spray a little bit more, and then more chalk. :)
Well was always water brush chalk.
but i konw some ppeople are totally against the whole water thing
and there were a couple girls who did just water and scrape, but then the bar had to be super chalked.
Its funny how everyone has their own little chalk ritual -)


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Jun 24, 2008
When my grips are new-ish, I only scrape and use chalk. After they're 5-6 months old, I start to use water or spit (depending on whether the water bottle is full) because they start to get a little slippery.


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Feb 26, 2007
I know I'm not a gymnast, now I'm old, but I have to share this with you. The coach came to me the other day and taold me that she had to intervene when my DD (9) was giving advice to another team mate about slippy hands on bars. Apparently DD told the other girls that she just licks her hands and she doesn't slip at all! UGH! The coach was gobsmacked and banned DD from licking her hands ever agian in the gym, DD was devastated and fell off the bars for 3 weeks as her hands were slippy. She is fine now, but there are worse things than spit....like licking your hands.


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Dec 8, 2007
Just a lot of chalk, no water unless they're new grips i'm breaking in then i'll use spit or water.


Jul 13, 2008
rainy washington
I always scrape, use water, then chalk up, rub it together, then smooth it with my thumb. hehe. I always thought it was so perfect, they showed someone in the Parkettes doc. rub it with their thumb, and their grip was perfect!!! Such a gym nerd :] haha
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