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Chalkbucket Meet-Up?

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by vagymmomma, Sep 27, 2017.

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  1. I don't know how many people are even going, but I was wondering if any meet up has been discussed. Unfortunately, we'll just be there for the Sunday session (Homecoming messed up the weekend getaway).
  2. We are there on Friday for the women's AA final!!!!
  3. We are there Friday Saturday and Sunday. So excited .
  4. since we are coming all the way from the West, we will be there Monday - Sunday. Making a holiday of it.
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  5. We will also be there Friday to Sunday.
  6. We have tickets to event finals on Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait!!
  7. I'm cannon-balling it up from NJ on Wednesday for the Men's AA-Finals on Thursday and turning right back around on Friday. Super excited!
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  8. I will be at WAG 1,2 & 5 quals and at all finals. Just not sure I will have much time before or after for anything. I have family in town, or rather where I live. So will be up and down the highway like a yoyo.
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  9. Bog - were you by any chance sitting in section 108 today (WAG subdiv 2)?
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  10. I heard a British accent and my mind went to "Bog?" Chances are it wasn't you but it would be cool if it was. I have no idea what you look like and didn't want to ask some random stranger if they were Bog from Chalkbucket :)

  11. Blonde chick wearing a white shirt, drinking beer and swearing a lot? Haha!!
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  12. I didn't notice beer or swearing :p Will look for you tonight!
  13. You, surely not ! (snarf)
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  14. Update, got off work last minute on Friday so I'm going to be there through Sunday Morning! So I bought last minute tickets to the MAG Event Finals for FX, PH, & SR... look for the guy decked out in USA Gear, gotta live up to the stereotype!!! lololol
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  15. Going with DD and a number of teammates on Friday, and again Saturday with just DD. Not sure which one of us is more excited!! Also pretty stoked about how well our Canadian ladies are doing!!
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  16. Does anyone know if the USA subdivision will be aired in Canada tonight? Any website? Nothing showing on the USA youtube.
  17. I am confused.

    Actually, has a countdown and it says us women qualifying.
  18. its saying not available in your country...I am in Canada.
    Heading to Montreal friday...but I wanted to watch the USA team.

  19. Haven't been able to find anything live but you could watch podium training after the fact. Maybe the case for qualifying? It's not as much fun as being able to watch it live but perhaps better than nothing?
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