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Challenge Cup

Discussion in 'UK' started by Rose, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. The qualification score is very reasonable . I think if you can't make a 42 you really shouldn't be going. I think it will make a good competition.
  2. Agree, hadn’t realised it had dropped from 44 to 42!
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  3. I strongly disagree with "if you can't make a 42 you really shouldn't be going".

    Why not? For nearly all of the gymnasts competing at Challenge, this is the biggest, highest level competition they do. It makes me really cross when people treat it as 'merely' a stepping stone for elites on their way to the British Championships, as something which has to be 'got out of' as quickly as possible.

    The gymnasts at Challenge often train alongside girls who have qualified to British via the Compulsory route or Challenge Cup. They train the same hours, face the same struggles. Why shouldn't they be able to compete once a year at a major national competition, and have a shot at national medals? Many will likely never get the scarily high qualifying score for British, but that's not why they are doing it. They go back to Challenge year after year really looking forward to it as the competition highlight of the year.

    So, rant over. See you in Guildford in November
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  4. For me it is for exactly this reason. By having a qualifying score you are actually making the Challenge Cup something more important, something to aspire to, something to really be proud of achieving. And I am seeing that echoed in the posts clubs are putting out about how proud they are that x, y and z have qualified. Some regions are even awarding qualification certificates. This is all good for raising the standard and kudos surrounding the Challenge Cup in its own right. I think it is a brilliant decision by BG.

    This is a FIG national competition. Assuming you are turning a vault (essential for an FIG national competition I would say) you should be touching a 12 on vault. That leaves you to need a 10 on each of the other 3 pieces. A 9 on bars, 10 on floor and 11 on beam would seem a very reasonable target for anyone doing FIG. And every region has to offer 2 qualifications per year which helps gymnasts who have an unexptected bad day the first time.

    There are also plenty of FIG sections offered in invitational competitions during the year which are open entry for girls struggling to get that score but who want to compete FIG.

    It did cross my mind that there might be an option to qualify on individual peices as an event specialist at some point, but wondered if this might just be too difficult to manage. I think it would have to be a pretty high score though.
  5. My DD just missed the 42 having hit it several times during the year. We think it's fair. This is her ultimate end goal (she's unlikely to score through to the British) so it will truly mean something when she finally makes it.
  6. Massive good luck to her next time.
  7. Thanks. It has been a good lesson to her in dealing with the pressure. And all her falls for the year out of the way in one day!!
  8. oh gosh that is tough.
  9. Think it is good that the qualification score is equal across all age groups now. Much fairer.

    The gymnasts competing in the British are only there because they have made the qualifying marks at various stages and have earned the right to compete. I liked the fact the Challenge used to allow those who haven't made the main British championship to compete. Initially I thought changing it to be more like national finals where you need to get a certain score at regional level (or top 4) to compete at finals was a bit harsh and done for competition organisation only but I can see the positives in the new format. I think it is right to celebrate achievement. The numbers entering Challenge were high and it would be nice for national competition, I think what is missing is a national competition for those who aren't qualified to the BC a bit like the English Gold/Silver competitions or a British open. There is of course the English/Scottish/Welsh Championships as well.
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