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Changes to JO

Discussion in 'Canada' started by claudidoll, Oct 16, 2017.

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  1. So has anyone heard that level requirements are changing?

    I'm curious if it's an across the board change or just a change in the requirements at my daughters gym.
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  2. They're not changing.
  3. I thought it might be our gyms internal requirements.
  4. The JO Optional program will undergo its usual cycle changes next year(not for the coming winter/spring season, changes will take effect July 31, 2018). They haven't released full details of changes per level yet. The JO compulsory program will undergo its regular cyclical changes/overhaul in 2021.
  5. I think some of the qualification scores have changed. I know our state level 3 score changed.
  6. Claudidoll is talking about the Canadian version of the JO system, not the US one. It does vary somewhat, even provincially.
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  7. Thanks
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