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Changing Gyms for DD...?

Discussion in 'UK' started by Kate E, Nov 25, 2016.

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  1. Is there anyone happy to private message with me to discuss my conundrum on if I do it or not?

    I don't want to post all the details for public viewing incase someone picks up who I am & the decision gets made for her!
  2. I can help you! Just pm me :)
  3. Pm me I would be happy to help
  4. So far you have a gymnast and a coach responding. I will throw my hat in the ring as a parent. Feel free to pm me.
  5. My message will be very long & I've just typed one in reply to a PM so I thank you three & will certainly message you tomorrow as I need to sleep now but the more thoughts the better & I appreciate it.
  6. You can copy and paste.
  7. Copy and paste! You can pm me as well if you would like
  8. Me too! We changed about a year and a half ago.
  9. Happy to help if I can! We've done two gym changes here in the UK (one locally, and another for relocation) :)
  10. I didn't think to copy & paste but it was the middle of the night so that's probably why!
  11. Thank you for all your offers. I have messaged people that are in the UK system as I think they will understand it more.
  12. if you are looking for a coach POV in the UK I would recommend @Jenny @marie83 @Faith, both Jenny and faith are parents too, me I is a humble parent who has been around the block a bit. Hope you get it sorted xxx
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  13. More than happy to help. I'm a coach and gymnast in the UK and judge as well so know clubs all over the country etc x
  14. Sure you already have enough people but always happy to help :)
  15. Thank you everyone. Coach Jenny PM'd me and has been amazing with her advice and thoughts and really made me see clearly what I need to do.
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  16. glad you have a plan, life is so much better with a plan !
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  17. Id be happy to offer my two cents.....But If not, I'm sure you have received a lot of good advice already.
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  18. I also am coach and have been the mother of a fairly successful gymnast who did change gyms half way through her career. I'd be happy for you to message me.
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  19. Been through the mill a few times with club changes over the years and have a good understanding of the British system, happy to help if you are still looking for advice.
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  20. Just an update:

    Made the move she's loving the new gym as she does more hours, has a smaller group & will compete starting March. Im happy too as it's over the road from my house so I get to go home The head coach being strict but lovely is a big part of us both loving it too!

    Thanks for everyone's offer to help on here and the very many PMs I got. Xx
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