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Cheap Leos

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by M23K's, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. M23K's

    M23K's Guest

  2. midwestgymmom

    midwestgymmom Active Member

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    The leotards are from Garland activewear which is a very reasonable brand. Our gym sells them every yr to raise money. They fit pretty well -my dd wears an AXS in a GK and a Garland. I just bought one at camp for my dd (I had to sell all the ones she had that she outgrew a few months ago and they resold fast)
  3. gymgramma

    gymgramma Guest

    My granddaughter has had a few from Southern Apparel and they have fit just like her GK's. Missy and her husband are great people and we have not been disappointed with any of our transactions with them!
  4. kristilyn73

    kristilyn73 Active Member

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    I just placed an order! Thanks for the website!

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