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For Parents Cheap leos?

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It's that time of the year again -- dd has grown out of most of her leos, and we need new ones. In the past, we've gone to the Danskin outlet, where we get a huge pile of leos at discount prices. Unfortunately, they don't carry adult sizes, and dd is now wearing adult medium. Does anyone have any ideas for cheap leos?


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Jun 26, 2008
You can check on ebay for both new and used. There are usually a lot listed there.
DD & I love leotards and we are always looking for a bargin.

Try Jillybeans Leotards Home Page. They have pretty good prices, they fit nicely and they are well made. DD has the pirate leo and is very happy with it.

Another mom at our gym ordered some leos from FlipFlop Leos. It is a store on eBay. She got a great deal on two leos and she is very happy with them.

I have also scored some very nice, gently used leos as well as brand new ones on eBay auctions. You have to be paitent, but I got a brand new, with tags, Carly Paterson leo for $10, including shipping.:D

Good luck and happy leo shopping.:)


eBay always have pretty good prices! Google it too, something it bound to come up!

Good luck:)


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Feb 19, 2007
I have bought most of DD's leos on Ebay as well..... at least until this summer!!! If any of you can make it to the GK Elite Factory outlet in PA, or the Dreamlight outlet in VA Beach... you just must go!!! I bought several leos and the tight workout shorts at the GK factory in July. THEN on a spur of the moment mini-vacation to Virginia Beach, I remembered that someone here (I think Megley?) had posted about the Dreamlight Factory down there. Soooo we just HAD to go there! I bought DD THREE Adult Small velvet leos (with all the sparkles and other "pretties") for 12.00 each!!!! They also had a selection of competition leotards with all the holograms, sparkles, sheer sleeves, etc. for about 34.00 or so. I would've bought one for DD but she said that she no longer likes wearing long sleeves for her workouts! O.K..... but they were JUST SO PRETTY!!

Now, if we can make sure she can heal right so she can wear all of these! HA!


gym mom

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Sep 8, 2007
I always do the ebay thing to and i usually look for the bulk deals usually are cheaper even if a couple of them you dont like or do not fit.
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