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Clearing up an equipment question

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I was talking with someone recently regarding pommel horse. in the discussion, they were talking about the special uniform pants that the boys and men wear. for lack of knowledge, they referred to the pants as "feety pajamas", as they somewhat resemble them, since they have feet attached. I am pretty certain thats not the techinical name for them. What are they actually called? to give an idea of what I mean, this image kinda gives an idea... http://www.m-w.com/mw/art/pommelho.gif tho, this one kinda has a unitard drawn. picture them as just pants and a seperate top, as common. anyone clear up this matter for me?


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Sep 3, 2005
Competition Uniform

Men wear a singlet and pants or shorts. They wear shorts for vault and floor and pants for the rest. The pants have stirrups on the bottom. They do not have feet like pajamas. The gymnast is required to wear matching socks with the pants. Matching means the same color as the pants or white. If they wear socks that are the same color as the pants they may look like they are connected, but they are not.


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