Coach that’s too pressuring?

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Aug 16, 2019
United Kingdom
I do floor and vault gymnastics twice a week with 3 and a half hours in total and i have a general gymnastics comp coming up soon.
I used to do Artistic gymnastics at a different gym, and comps were more regular then these floor and vault ones, but i was about 9 when i did these and my coaches were a lot nicer about getting scared or worried about doing something wrong, however i left this gym because they didn’t offer much else i wanted to do after i didn’t want to do artistic anymore.

Now, at my new gym where I’m taking these floor and vault classes and I’m now 14, when it comes to these general competitions (which don’t really expect that much out of you) they seem to put a lot of pressure on me. I have autism and the gym and my coaches are aware of it and know that somethings are just a bit more difficult for me, but when it comes to practicing for comp it often feels like that they seem to pick on me a bit more. For example i have a fear of doing my vault sometimes and i get really bad mental block and eventually they’ll just end up saying “right forget it don’t do it then” and i won’t be able to practice my vault” or when I’m doing my floor routine and i forget something i usually improvise so I’m not just stood there and i will just get shouted at.
I know they need to be a bit tough on me for a competition but it just doesn’t feel right in a way, I’ve left gym crying almost twice now.
Is my coach being too pressuring on me at all?
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Feb 6, 2014
It doesn’t sound like a good communication is set up between you and your coach, and I can see it’s definitely not working for you. Unfortunately you’re not old enough to post here, so this will be closed. I will say that you should talk to the coaches (or your parents if you feel you can’t) about how their expectations and pressure are not reasonable for you at this time.
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