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College/Post High School Plans

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dmbgymnast, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. I'm a senior this year, and I was wondering if anyone else/ your DD/DS is going through the college process as well! I know there's not a whole lot of gymnasts on here, but maybe someone can offer some words of wisdom in these stressful application crunch times!
    I've applied early action to 1 school, and I'll hopefully get two more in by Saturday. Where are others in the process?
  2. My older daughter is a senior. She’s applied early to two schools via a program called QuestBridge, and she’s been accepted to four state schools. She’s got plans to apply early to two schools (by December 9th and December 30th) if needed but is holding off because of the rules of QuestBridge. Without a doubt this is an insanely stressful time. Sometimes she just wants to get the decisions over with, and sometimes she wants time to slow down because she’s worried she’ll be rejected. I’m guessing your early action decision is coming up soon- I wish you the best of outcomes!!!
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  3. I've heard great things about QuestBridge! Totally feel the same as your DD with time and all :) For some reason, I think refreshing the application portal over and over will make decisions come sooner...no luck yet. EA decision should hopefully be here by Dec 15th, the school's website just says "mid-December" One of my schools has rolling admission, so I might get a decision from them before my EA school o_O So stressed!
    Congrats to your DD on her acceptances!
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  4. On a related note, how did you choose your major? Im in 11th grade at the moment and Im totally lost. Everything seems like it would be something for me.
  5. Lol, when I was 7, I wanted to be a pediatrician, so I was going to be pre-med. The college I planned to go to has a med school too, so it would be perfect... BUT they don't have an "official "Pre-Med" major, so everyone had to choose an actual major. Most people choose a science major. I wanted to be education / pre-med, but was told it wasnt possible because there wasnt enough overlap, so I went with my "back up plan" accounting / pre-med because I loved accounting in high school. After a year, I realized I hate science classes. I had a great mentor that suggested I study elementary ed. Since I could do that closer to home at a branch of the university, I did. I graduated with my degree in Elementary Ed with emphasis on Math and Social Studies. Then I kept going to college and got a degree in psychology. 12 years later, I went to Grad School and got a degree in secondary education with emphasis on Math, Social Studies, and English / Language Arts.
    I tell you all of this so you know that it is ok to NOT know what you want to major in ... even when you start college. Take general education classes and see what piques your interest the most and go with that ;)
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  6. I'm planning on majoring in math and cognitive science. I've always loved teaching and research, and the two majors combine that well! I definitely agree with raenn, gen eds are a great way to begin to figure out what you want to study!
  7. I wish it was that easy. In the Netherlands, you don't pay all your tution for studying the first year (first and second year if you decide to become a teacher). That is only for your first major though. If you choose wrong the first time, you will have to pay the regular amount for your second time. So there is pressure to choose well the first time... It's also quite hard to switch studies, since you don't get accepted into that direction anymore (example: if you quit your physics major, you can't start astronomy the next year, because that has too much to do with physics)

    Did you get any guidance from your high school?
  8. Is it possible to defer for a year, or not apply but apply in a year or two when you have more ideas? Get out and work, travel, do some online courses, community courses in things you are interested in (lot of cheap or free options - look at all the online MOOC's or open university if you are feeling a bit more sure and you have it there; community college type courses) and decide what you want to do.
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  9. One thing that was very useful for me was to talk with people who are already in college. They can tell you exactly what they are doing and studying so you get an idea. I am majoring in Chemistry but left highschool without really knowing what I wanted to do. I ended in Chemistry and I am really enjoying it.
    Here the first year you can choose "Science" and then the year after only doing Physics and Chemistry, then only chemistry then.... Is it possible in the Netherlands?
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  10. Ive been thinking about a gap year, since im only going to be 17 when i get out of high school, and going to live on your own when you are a minor is quite complicated..

    To be honest, i dont have an idea of what direction im going in. Math, science, geogaphy, economics... all things im considering... why does this have to be so hard!
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  11. Don't waste the free college tuition opportunity if it is available later. Coach, travel, do some courses and find your passion. Life is here for a very long time. Don't waste opportunities because someone says to do them at a certain age.
    My experience of university was those that had taken a break (of a few years) were much more committed and did better.
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  12. There are literally thousands of courses out there, and depending on requirements and availability where you are then a lot of them can count towards your degree when you do go.
  13. Here's a link to EdX - you can take some college level online courses free to get a feel for the content. You can actually sign up for a whole bunch and never actually take them, with no repercussion to your life!

  14. Slightly off topic but a quick update:
    Got deferred to regular action for MIT, so they’ll make a final decision in March. Kinda disappointed, just glad they’re still considering!
    Hopefully will hear back from state schools soon :)
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