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DD desparate to do more and compete

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Sep 18, 2017
United Kingdom
DD 7 did some gymnastics at the local dance school taught by one of the dance teachers with gymnastics training and then a former gymnast was brought in to teach alongside the dance teacher.
DD seemed to do well and after six months they moved her from the "mini" class to the "junior" class (there are three under 8's in the "junior" class) and DD loved having the older ones to look upto and expressed an interest in doing competitive gymnastics.
So we put her name down to join a local club and three months ago got offered a place in their beginner recreational class (DD's been doing gymnastics altogether now about 14 months) and loves the new gymnastic class but is "desparate" to compete. She still does gymnastics at the dance school, along with ballet, street and acro dance.
Not doing gymnastics myself growing up and not really knowing anything about it I now feel at a lost of how to help DD achieve her goal if it's possible. Can anyone make team/squad whatever it is called or are there certain attributes needed to be able to compete?
DD is always doing handstands and cartwheels when ever she can and practising cartwheels and handstands on her floor beam and constantly practising to try and get her walkovers right, does press ups and sit ups to try and be stronger and even pinches my smalls weights to dance with!!
As I have no knowledge of gymnastics and don't know if everyone can make it to competing I said to her there are lots of girls in your new class (30 something) and lots of recreational classes you may never get to compete (I know this may be harsh but she's obsessed to the extent she asked if she could drop all her dancing and do more gymnastics lessons)
I want to do the best for my daughter and admire her passion but don't want her to have an unrealistic dream,
She is good at swimming and I know there is the option to compete with street dance if she wanted to so don't want her to write off other activities if she will never be picked out from rec for more.
How do we tell gymnastics that she wants to do more without seeming pushy. We don't even know if she is good, average or very good as in the 3 months of being there we haven't had any feedback.
Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.


Mar 22, 2015
United Kingdom

Is the gymnastics club your DD going to a large club and has it got a competitive squad? If it has then maybe you would be best making an appointment with one of the coaches and have a chat with them. In alot of large clubs the rec classes are hardly ever run by the higher level squad coaches and unless they hold squad trials then some children get overlooked due to the large number in the rec classes. It may be that when you highlight your daughter's passion to the coaches they will either aim her towards an intermediate class or a development class. Coaches aren't mind readers they won't know what you or your daughter want until you tell them. Arrange a meeting with someone and ask whats the best way to help your daughter achieve her dreams or if she should be aiming in another direction.
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