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For Parents DD moved up to Level 4

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Hey all, I wrote about a month ago about DD being invited into Preteam... well now starting in June they have moved her up to the USAG Level 4 (wont be competing)... she turned 5 in December, and they want her train as a level 4 for the next 8 months until she is eligible and of age to start competing. Just thought I would share. Very excited for her, but also nervous at the same time. All the money that has already been and all the money about to be put into this, I just really hope this is what she really wants. She seems too, its all she talks about.... and we are taking her to the Home Rec meet this weekend so she can see up close and personal what the competition part is all about. Anyways, just thought I would share the good news.


That's great news! Congrats to dd!! :applause:

Can I ask, where in Northeast PA are you located? What gym does dd go to? I'm in NE PA, too!


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Aug 16, 2008
Wow very cool! I am sure she will love it and my advice is just start saving your pennies! (I have 2 on team).:)


Jan 18, 2009
Congrats, that is so exciting. I am with you on the fear of the expenses, my oldest dd (6) moves to L4 in June, and my youngest dd(just turned 5 two weeks ago) will probably move up the end of this year. AHHHHH


WOW congrats to your little girl! Sounds like she is a real talent! I would definately start saving your pennies. The cost and travel expense can really add up. Right now I have one competing and the other on her way and I find myself not wanting to rush my little one because of financial reason. Coaches are ready to move her and I am like she is still so unfocused I think she needs another 6 months...heehee!
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