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Dive Roll in Level 5 Routine

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Oct 2, 2008
DD is having trouble on her dive roll. She is piking and we can't seem to get her to not pike and I think part of it might be that she doesn't understand what the coaches are trying to tell her to do to fix it. Can anyone give me some tips and/or drills that she can work on to help her work on doing her dive roll correctly?

Thank you!!

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I think for dive rolls it's often an issue of comfort as much as anything else. If a kid is scared of the roll, they won't punch very high and will tend to pike. As they get more comfortable with it, they tend to be more willing to do it with more amplitude and better body shape.


Aug 3, 2008
I agree, it could be more mental than anything. It's just scarier to do them the correct way, and you're more likely to land a little funny and knock the wind outta you if it's not quite right when you aren't piked.



New Member
Feb 27, 2008
A few drills:

If it is a small child, you can just pick them up and show them the position you want their body in as they are doing the dive roll.

I've also had them run and punch and land in my arms (repositioning them into a correct dive roll position).

We've used springboards to 8" mats to get a bigger punch - just looking for shape here; I know that this does not teach them to punch.
Also with this setup we have set up a barrel between the springboard and 8"mat.
Also with this setup we done springboard, over a barrel, down an incline (to encourage the roll out at the end)

We've set up multiple barrels for the kids to stretch out over as they do the dive roll. We've used many different types of props (foam blocks, stuffed animals, etc) the key is to get the props long enough so that the kid has to stretch out to make it over and clear their feet.


New Member
Sep 20, 2007
My av is my dd doing her dive roll in pratice one night. Don't know if that pic will help or not, but she has a really awesome dive roll.
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