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Do I need new grips?

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Jun 21, 2016
About two years ago, I purchased Ginnasta velcro grips with dowels (narrow width I think) and have been using them ever since. From the beginning they weren't great, I couldn't get a great grip on the bar and I would slip off the bar doing simple things. I thought I was just breaking them in, and after a couple months it got better--but I still have a lot of trouble staying on the bar even now. After doing bars for probably 30 or more minutes my grips will often become so slippery that I slip off the bar doing tap swings and kips. I don't practice a ton, usually 2 days a week in the off season and then 4 days in a week for during the season (November-February)--so it's not like they would be worn out and this has been happening pretty much from the beginning. Because I this I have had a hard time getting new skills and have tried to mainly stay off bars because I am scared to injure myself.

Could it be the way that I am chalking up? I don't use water or brush them that often, but I do use a lot of chalk. When I do use water I feel like it makes it worse, but like I said I don't brush them that much but when I do I don't notice much of a difference. Is there a different way I should be chalking up?

Could they be too big? I got measured by some coach at my gym who measures everyone else, but maybe I was between sizes or something. The fit could be wrong because I don't exactly know how my grips should feel because that was my first pair--how should my grips fit?

Any suggestions or help would be great! Thank you!


I definitely think you need new grips! You should not be slipping off the bar like that. You also should replace your grips every six months to a year from what I've heard, two years is too long to be using the same pair. There are many great articles on grip sizing if you search through the forum. I do not have any specific sizing tips as I do not have dowel grips. I would also recommend contacting Ginnasta's customer service and telling them about your problem, I'm sure they would be happy to help you get the correct size if you want to order from them again.
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