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Proud Parent
Jul 12, 2016
For years, I have tried to write in a journal. I tried traditional, bullet (which I actually liked better and still use occasionally), etc, but never stick to it. They usually turn into to-do lists. So I bought a "prompt" guided journal hoping that it would inspire me to write more and given that I'm on day 3 and haven't yet written out oa grocery list in it, it seems promising.

The prompt today was "Write down ten big dreams that haven't come true yet." And you know what? I could only think of one dream at all (to play Mimi in RENT on broadway...given that I'm 43 and can't sing, I'm thinking that one might be a lost cause...)! Not saying all of mine have come true, but more making me realize that perhaps somewhere in the time suck of working, home-owning and child-raising, I lost sight of *my* dreams. It was really sort of sad to me. I have goals, but not dreams that I can call to mind. Other than my hopes and dreams for my kids (that's sort of what led me to post on Chalkbucket! I'm sure at one point or another, many of us had/have some gym dreams for our kids!)

I was just wondering what some of yours might be. Maybe something will strike a chord and inspire me!
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