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Dropping chest in jumps


New Member
Dec 23, 2018
I’ve tried to find other threads on this, but my search has been unsuccessful. I’m a high school gymnast, btw.
Whenever I do jumps, I drop my chest A LOT. Especially in straddles and pikes. When I do a pike jump, my chest practically touches my knees. When I’m doing jumps I think about looking forward and trying to keep my chest up but I physically can’t. I’ve added a picture of me doing a straddle jump. It’s a little bit harder to tell from the front but it’s obvious that my chest is really low.
(Also I know this was kind of a bad jump, my knees were bent a little and my arms were positioned oddly).
I really don’t know how to fix this and I hate doing jumps because then everyone else sees how bad they are.


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