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ESPN's top 50 most difficult sports.

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Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
Gymnastics should be higher
Water skiing should be higher
Golf should be lower
Boxing should be lower
Skii Jumping should be higher
Figure skating should be lower
Rodeo should be way lower


Personally......Football should not be that high up, after all, they get to wear pads and helmets and everything--I think gymnastics should be higher than football. I don't think tennis should be ranked that high either, but they're the experts. No offense to anyone who plays either sport.


since when is running around with a football a diffucult sport??

gymnastics is 10 times harder than football

has anyone ever seen the sweatshirt that says if gymnastics were any easier it would be called football??

ya its pretty cool


^^Yes I have it.

I think we should have gotten a ten in the nerve category, the way they define it, "The ability to overcome fear" I'm just happy it's higher thatn baseball/softball so I can rub it in my sister/dad's faces. :p And also that polevaulting was listed as the most difficult track/field event.(number 16)


Mar 14, 2007
I think gymnastics should be no. 1......
Boxing in first place...idk.....
And personally I think figure skating should be in the top 10 as well.


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Feb 26, 2007
Boxing should not even be on the list, it sure requires skill and training, but the long term health issues and brutality of boxing are horrendous.

Gym should of course be No 1, to be that good on four events, or six for MAG is quite unvbelievable.

Golf, snigger, now that is funny. You can even ride a cart between swings. Skill is required, but really the biggest risk is getting hit in the head by a stray drive.

Rodeo, also not a sport, just legalised suicide akin to boxing.


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Oct 4, 2007
East Coast
Hey, I have an idea. Let's ask the big, bad basketball and football players to climb a rope in a piked position. :rolleyes: Or, let's ask them to be good at 4 different positions on their field/court. They have to play all positions equally well. Bet THEY couldn't do it!
IMHO, gymnastics should be higher on the list. I get so frustrated when gymnasts don't get the credit that they deserve.
How many of these athletes spend 4-5 hrs a day and 20-25 hrs/week on their sport plus go to school and maintain honor grades.
Let me stop. I could go on and on. :D
Oct 15, 2007
How in the world?
I completely disagree.
Not just because i'm a gymnast but get real - it pretty much says we have no nerve.
Ugh. This angers me. Like, to the point of tears.
lol. But, my friend and i have a constant argument over whether gym is harder than skateboarding or not. ^^
I win.


That's the part I was disappointed about. That our nerve rating should have been higher. Did you see the speed? Do they understand that how fast you've got to be to DEFY gravity? Check the endurance. Could any of those football players do four or more incredibly difficult tumbling passes in a minute and a half without stopping to rest? Give me a break.


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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
What the heck is tennis and basketball doing in the top 10?
In my opinion, gymnastics should be number 1, skiiing and extreme sports like skateboarding should be in the top 10 and bull riding, bronco riding... why would that be down at 46. I mean that takes a lot of talent, risk and it is one scary sport.


ESPN Top 50

We have actually had footbal coaches bring their teams to our gym to show the football players how hard gymnasts work and how tough they are.


That's really cool. My friend Ryan(football/basketball player) came to open gym with me and he saw me fall pretty hard offf the beam and then just get up again. He was like, "didn't that hurt". I said kind of, but I'm in the middle of my routine. He was pretty impressed.


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Aug 1, 2007
our coaches recently started a conditioning class for kids in other sports--it started with the girls brothers. From what I heard, the boys couldn't move after the first class! Just shows that gymnasts condition harder than other sports--or at least condition the entire body more equally!


That sounds like an interesting class; very cool that it started with the girls' borthers. I pole vaulted a lot with the boys track team and one day after the regular push up and abs, we were messing around. I was doing some press handstands and they were all like,"I can do that" And they got up next to the wall and could barely get their feet off the ground. :D I got a lot of credit after that day.


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Jan 12, 2008
Gymnastics should be WAY higher on nerves and strength... and power too! Come on, tumbling is all about power! And I was dissapioned that we weren't higher on hand-eye co-ordination.

How many boxers do you know who could swing giants???


Gymnastics should definitely be higher!!! My dd's school did a physical fitness test - she did the most sit ups, push ups and pull ups in the school - and that was including boys (that play football and basketball).

I've seen other lists that had gymnastics up top though - I think this list just had some weird judging criteria.
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