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Excellent Gym Communication

Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by tpMom, May 18, 2018.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've recently been given the opportunity/challenge of helping to improve parent/team communication at my daughter's gym. I've already had an amazing meeting with the head coaches and we came up with a couple of great ideas but I wanted to bring the question here as well.

    For parents/coaches/gym owners of gyms with excellent communication already, can you please share what strategies you use to keep parents informed? And for all of those involved with gyms with less-than-excellent communication, what do you wish your gym would do differently? If we had a perfect world with a perfect gym, what would the communication strategies from that gym look like to you?!
  2. We use the Remind app, have a team Facebook page, and a team Shutterfly.
    Anything that needs to go out immediately is sent through Remind.
    That info and other info is re-posted on Facebook and Shutterfly.
  3. At our previous gym, the HC held annual parent/athlete/coach meetings in ~June to discuss the plan for the summer, and what needs to be achieved to move up. It is also an opportunity to discuss longer term goals with the HC. Meeting is 20-30 minutes long. I really loved that.

    Day to day, I still like old fashioned email combined with either texting or social media (e.g. private Facebook group).

    It says a lot about your gym that they have a parent working with staff to be focused on improving communication. Very nice!
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  4. We use TeamSnap. Works fairly well. Timeliness is my biggest issue. I'd like to know about things (like practice time changes) before three days before it happens. Our schedule is rough, and changes don't work well without a good amount of notice.
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