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For Parents Exchange students.. anyone ever host one?

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Nov 3, 2008
Region IV (Missouri)
DW wants to consider hosting an exchange student next fall since our school district has an opening.

I personally don't care. In fact, I think my exact words were "hey, as long as she fits into the french maids outfit... fine with me. :) (i'm kidding of course!)

I'm just curious if any parents here have any 'words to the wise'?

The student will mostly likely be from Eastern Europe.


We have had a boy from Denmark for an entire school year and 3 boys from Japan for just summer programs. We also had a boy from Germany on an "emergency" basis when his host family had a major medical emergency in the family and "hosted" a couple of girls from France - for just about a week - who had spent the school year on the East coast but wanted to see CA before they returned to France.

They were great experiences. You can PM me if you'd like more information


We had a boy from Japan for about 2 weeks one Summer. He was required to go on this trip, along w/ his classmates, in order to graduate from his school. He apparently hated traveling, and didn't care if her ever left Japan, and he was very shy. He did not have a great time, and neither did we, tho we tried.

A year or so later, we hosted a girl from Spain. She came as part of a program, so many of her friends were also placed in homes nearby to us. Come to find out, they were largely a bunch of spoiled kids, who came on this trip to party. She was always wanting us to drive her and her friends all over the place, at all times of day & nite, for social stuff. It was like having a bratty teenager in our hosue, and our own kids were only 3 & 6 at the time, so I was NOT prepared for that sort of behavior or driving, as I had to lug the little ones w/ me every time I drove the students. One of her friends was telling us that her family owned a CASTLE back in Spain (it was, I saw pics), as a vacation destination. You get the picture. These kids should have just taken their own private vacations, but I think their parents sent them on the program's trip to get them out of their hair for a while.

Needless to say, niether exchange went well for us. I'm sure there are better prograns out there, w/ kids who truly want to be here for the cultural experience & learning. Jsut be SURE to check out the program beforehand, and even get info/opinions form other families who have hosted kids from the same program in the past.

Good luck!


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Mar 13, 2008
When I was in high school my cousin's family hosted an exchange student from Japan. It was a wonderful experience for them and even for the extended family. She provided a window to Japanese culture in turn gave all of us a chance to see the USA through someone else's eyes.

They still keep in contact with each other frequently, and even the rest of us exchange letters some.

I hope one day to host an exchange student.
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