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Aug 30, 2008
gow many hours do u practice? on what days and times? i go 4 days a week, 15 hours, mon thu fri 4:30-8:30 and sat 7-10 am:D
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My twins level 6 schedule is:

Mon 4-8
Tues 4-8
Thurs 4-7:30
Sat 10-2

Hannah's pre-team schedule is:

Wed 4-6:30
Sat 10-12:30


I'm a level 7 at a relaxed YMCA. The most offered is 3 nights a week. I practice 2 nights a week, Mon/Wed, from 6-8:30. I coach Tuesdays from 5-8(cheerleading, then team 3 and 4), Thursdays from 4:30-8 (school-age girls, then team 3 and 4), and Saturdays from 9-10, possibly 11:15(beginner boys, then possibly intermediate/advanced boys). If I'm not working open gym from 1-3 on Sundays, I am probably working out.

I plan on doing sprint/agility work in the morning before school, and then I have strength (weightlifting/circuit training) class 2 out of 3 days at school( we're on the block schedule). In December, my schedule pending, I will replace the early morning workouts with after-school pretrack workouts with other dedicated (insane?) teammates when I can. I also do oversplits every night at home, even though it's not really neccessary because I've always been one of the most flexible people in the gym. I sense this will be more important now that I'm getting into a routine with weight training. Once the class ends in mid-January, I will take advantage of my free staff membership and use my knowledge in the Y's weightroom before or after work.

So even though I don't spend as many hours in the gym as I'd like sometimes, I will be happy. I have this passion for working out and am excited to work with this schedule. It's the first year I have convinced my parents to allow me morning workouts every day until track starts, so long as I wear my underarmour and layers, including a hat and gloves, when it gets cold.

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Jan 17, 2008
DD trains 18 hours a week

Monday 4 - 8
Tuesday 12 - 5
Thursday 12 - 5
Friday 4 - 8

We have worked with her principal and teachers at school and leaves early on Tuesday and Thursdays. As long as she keeps her grades up!
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