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Favorite leos from Worlds?

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by GymMom4, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. I love the one Melanie de Jesus dos Santos wore today for the AA final.
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  2. I loved the whole USA teams blue ones. They were just stunning.
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  3. I know she has worn it previously but I love Alt's orange and white.

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  4. I think I am just partial to sky blue, because I loved Hurd's and Black's leos....but did not like the Canada leo in Red (sorry, spacing the name):confused:
  5. I did like Hurd’s Leo a lot. Call me crazy but I liked the Russian Leo too. There were a few other good ones tonight. A lot better Leo’s overall than there have been the past few years.

    Random question, why do the Jaoanese KSU’s have a large word on them?
  6. I disliked Ellie's but loved Brooklyn Moors
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  7. Not a fan of Ashton's leo for bars finals :(

    I liked the other USA leos up to this point.
  8. I hate it that almost no team wears an uniform Leo. I mean I know there isn't a team event, but you all have the same goal, represent your country. At least wear the same Leo during 1 day of competition
  9. A lot of teams did on the qualification day.
  10. @sce Nippon = Japan to the Japanese.

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  11. That makes sense then. Still not necessarily my choice for a leotard design. Also just saw the odd typo in my post, sorry.
  12. *Liked Hurd's leos for both days
    *Moors' leo for event finals today was lovely on her.
    *not a fan of Carey's or Murakami's leos for fx finals....I don't like the tan flesh thing on Carey's design and the billboard NIPPON on Murakami seemed weird (to me, at least).
    *Black's leo looked like the fit was off on her...I kept wanting her to be in a red leo with the maple leaf motif.
    *Fragapane's leo looked nice on her but others may have been swallowed by the dark color and design.

    All routines were nice, no matter the leo .....poor Ferrari though, was it really necessary for them to flash her 3 score..it looked like she went down with an Achilles....
  13. I also really liked the leos the girls from Belgium wore.
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  14. I agree, the leo was pretty but the cut and fit were off.
  15. Loved Vanessa Ferrari (Italy) and Morgan's!
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