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Fear about injuries

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Oct 28, 2008
While learning back handspring last spring, I had the unfortunate experience of getting Tendinitis in my shoulder. It's been an off and on problem ever since, some days being better than others. I mostly have it under control. My biggest problem, however, is the mental blocks I've been experiencing lately. I really want to learn new things, especially my tumbling, but I'm so afraid I'm going to injure myself, I can't bring myself to try. Before the summer, I was being taught back handsprings and I was even close to getting my Caslavska on bars. Now if I even THINK about trying a back handspring my shoulder hurts:rolleyes:. Any ideas or helpful hints about how to overcome mental block/fear of injury? I'm gonna try and talk with one of my old coaches tomorrow night about it.
Not open for further replies.