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Oct 5, 2010
Ok, first, please pardon my stupidity. But I understand what the USAG is. But what is FIG and how competes under FIG and why? Also, I saw something earlier about AGA. Where does the YMCA fit into all of this as well. Thanks in advance.
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The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is the official governing body for gymnastics in the world.

The AGA I've only heard about but I'm told it's the American Gymnastics Association and is dedicated to the development of artistic optional gymnastics for girls. The descriptions of it sounds almost like a Prep-Op type program. I think too they are only in a small part of the country where they actually exist I think in TX or the southwest area.

The YMCA I'm not sure but I think they use the USAG program but only compete with other YMCA's. I'm sure someone with more info on this can clarify the Y and AGA.


USAG is an internal American program. FIG is the code of requirements followed by gymnastics worldwide. American gymnasts competing elite and internationally compete under this code. I think everyone else in the world follows FIG (or modified versions of it) for most of their development system. In general penalties are harsher under FIG and requirements higher.

Some of the Y programs compete against other YMCA's and some against ordinary clubs, there is also a wide variety of programs that they compete in and also the standard of their programs. MaryA has a dd in YMCA and probably knows more about it.

I Have heard there are also some other great programs in the US like USAIGC (? is that right) JOGA , XCEL, and the Mason Dixon league for eg.
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