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Figure Skating - gala report/photos

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Mar 14, 2007
Hey guys!

So I am back online after the gala yesterday!
And well...what can I say...it was just awesome!!!
I was so happy being able to see skating live again after several years!!

The program was great even though it was sad to not see any Germans in it....well, they have Nationals this week, so probably they prefer to prepare for that!!
Anyway, it was still great!!

I just had a quick look into my photos, and I think I will have some really nice ones to post!
I first need to resize them though......
so......if you have any wishes who you`d like to see first, please let me know!!!

Here`s a list of who was skating:

- Jenni Meno/Todd Sand
- Steven Cousins
- Oksana Bayul
- Emanuel Sandhu
- Sinead & John Kerr
- Elena Grushina/Ruslan Goncharov
- Syria Bonali
- Tugba Karademir
- Jodeyne Higgins & Sean Rice
- Fiona Zaldua & Dmitry Sukhanov
- Jason Graetz
- Emmanuelle Balmori

Also if you have any questions I`m here to answer them!

I also was able to meet some of them after the show and got photos together with the Kerr`s, Steven, Emanuel, Jenni, Elena and Tugba!!!
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