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finish these sentences

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Feb 8, 2008
For something I'm working on, and I want to see how other gymnasts would finish these sentences.

I am...
I feel...
I dream...
I can....
I fear...
I love...
I regret...
I see...
I know...
I hate....
I believe....
I need...
I hope...
I question...



There are a million different ways for me to write most of these, but this is one version:
I am... me.
I feel... a bit confused.
I dream... of really making a difference in life.
I can.... go for it all.
I fear... falling further out of love with this sport.
I love... my family and friends (including most of my teammates and coach) for being so amazing.
I regret... trying not to live without any regrets; this would have been a much more interesting filler. Carpe Diem!
I see... now how much I have really learned from being in the gym so much.
I know... I have everything I need to go far and achieve my goals. (except I'm maybe lacking in the $$ department)
I hate.... laziness. (too bad I'm stuck with the laziest little sister ever)
I believe.... in myself.
I need... to figure out what I need. I've always been the one who tries not to need a lot from people.
I hope... that I can enjoy my last year whole-heartedly.
I question... the future. If only it anwered.


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Dec 8, 2007
I am... a gymnast. That basically defines me.
I feel... kinda sore. running 6 days a week and the usual gymnastics stuff.
I dream... of getting crazy tricks. and being the person that all the lower levels look up to. ( a little bit now but i'm not like THE person if you know what I mean)
I can.... do what I put my mind to.
I fear... backwards stuff off the beam
I love... gymnastics, my teammates, all that nice stuff
I regret... not a lot. You're supposed to live life with no regrets....
I see... the people who have given up their lives for gymnastics. and it pays off.
I know...how far I've come since I was a 8 year old level 4 scoring 5s. lol
I hate.... when people go and quit gymnastics when they only have like 1 or 2 years left.
I believe.... that you can never have everything in gymnastics. Theres always a move you can't do so you can't ever get tired of it.
I need... a job
I hope... that I will go far in gymnastics.
I question... my ability to dance.

Was it supposed to be gymnastics related? Wow all my things are really corny. lol.


I made I mistake and can't edit for some reason right now. The I regret on is supposed to read :I regret trying to live life...


if i related it to gymnastics it would be too complicated


I mostly thought of gymnastics, but some parts not so much.


Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
Does it has to be 100% gymnastics?

100% Gym Version
(well, almost since I'm definitely not a eat, breathe, sleep 24/7 gymnast):

I am...a weird gymnast.
I feel...happy and perfectly content.
I dream...about all the skills I want to do and about the future.
I can....flip, balance, tumble, and enjoy it 100%.
I fear...fear itself.
I love...life and everything in its own unique way. And doing unique skills!
I regret...very little.
I see...every detail of every routine.
I know...I'll always do gymnastics as long as I can be myself.
I hate....the communications problems with the gym & coaches.
I believe....in the future and in myself.
I need...hardly anything (although $55 for gas would be nice).
I hope...I get better and better and better.
I question...my future, choices, beliefs, and the world around me.

My true self version *so it has gymnastics in it, but not that much*

I am...myself...my crazy one-of-a-kind self.
I feel...happy, joyful, content, and anything that
is synonymous to the previous words.
I dream...about the future and about who I would be if
I wasn't so shy or if the world was different.
I can....tumble, do the splits, draw, create art, smile, and so much more.
I fear...fear itself.
I love...my cats, being with my mom and my life.
I regret...hardly anything.
I see...myself smiling, despite the hardships ahead.
I know...I will always be true to myself and that in the end,
everything will be alright.
I hate....immature people and the communication problems with the coaches.
I believe....in myself.
I need...not really anything, except for perhaps some cash for gas.
But I can live without a car.
I hope...I will always be happy, no matter what life throws at me and how bleak the future may supposedly be.
I question...my future, choices, beliefs, and the world around me.

Wow, I sound so serious...lol


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Jan 18, 2008
I am a gymnast
I feel like flipping
I dream that I can do anything
I can conquer my fears
I fear back Layout step outs on High beam
I love the feeling of nailing a good routine
I regret trying skills I am not prepared for
I see myself related to gymnastics in 20 years
I know that if I believe in myself I can do anything
I hate spiders
I believe in myself and others
I need support behind me
I hope to never get hurt too seriously
I question why some people do things


I am a scholar-athlete.
I feel like I've accomplished so much in my 16 years in this world.
I dream of doing anything I want to.
I can do anything I want to if I work hard for it.
I fear rejection.
I love the feeling of accomplishment.
I regret being stuck in my ways and not trying new things earlier.
I see other people around me are all different and thats what makes the world cool.
I know that life isn't fair but it is what you make of it.
I hate nothing because hate will destroy me.
I believe that good things will happen to all good people.
I need support from my friends in order to live my dreams.
I hope I will be happy in life.
I question why some people don't want to be the best that they can be.

This is kinda cool.....what is this for, tumblerk? I'm really curious now!


Jul 21, 2007
I am... a diver that is determined.

I feel... dissapointed when things don't go the way I plan.

I dream... of one day accomplishing my goal of making an Olympic team.

I can.... achieve anything I want to if I work hard enough.

I fear... of getting hurt again.

I love... the feeling when I learn or accomplish something new.

I regret... hiding a back injury for nine months.

I see... a bright future ahead.

I know... what it takes to accomplish my goals.

I hate.... the feeling I did something wrong immediatley after I did.

I believe.... every mistake in life is a lesson learned.

I need... support when things don't work out as planned.

I hope... I will work hard enough to get to where I want to go.

I question... whether retiring from gymnastics was the right thing to do.


This one is related to gymnastics:

I am...a gymnast...
I feel...stressed to get all my skills before fompetition season starts...
I dream...that i could go to the 2012 olympics...
I can...be an amazing gymnast one day and then the worst the next day
I fear...loosing a skill one day...or getting a mental block...or growing taller...
I love...GYMNASTICS...
I regret...not being at the gym im at right now when i was younger...
I see...younger gymnasts that are better than me and i get jealous...
I know...i can do it...
I hate....being the worst...or not winning...
I believe...i can make it to elite
I need...a coach that believes in me...
I hope...i can become an elite...
I question...my ability some days...

NOW this one is in general....

I am...a little on the "wierd" side...
I feel...sore...
I dream...that i could be an elite...
I can...NOT sit still for more than 3 minutes probably...
I fear...of getting kidnapped...
I love...my mommy...
I regret...nothing right now...
I see...my brother letting the dogs out the front door...
I know...im 13 years old...
I hate....spinach...
I believe....in God...
I need...people...
I hope...??
I question...you...


Feb 8, 2008

What do you guys think??


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that is really really cool!!! What did you make it on? As in terms of what program?
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