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For Parents first level 3 competition

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Oh my gosh what an emotional roller coaster.
Yesterday Amber had a mock meet at the gym where she scored:
Bars 6.0
Beam 8.1
Floor 8.4
Vault 7.0

She came home so upset. She had no confidence this morning for the real meet. She had floor first. The warmup was horrible, she fell on everything. She was shaky whe she got up to compete. It needed work but she got an 8.3. Our goal was an 8.0 in everything.
Then to vault. She struggled for 1 year with this vault. She was piking it all through warm up. She gets up to vault and vaults like I have never seen her do before. Her coach was screaming. 9.05 our teams second highest score.
Then bars. She got lost in the middle of the routine and added an extra cast..uggg 1.0 deduction. She got an 8.0 she was happy. she stuck the landing.
Then beam..she was first..she barely warmed up, never mind attempted a single handstand. She was floating so high she got up there and nailed everything including the handstand and got a 9.4. Her highest beam score ever. She just learned the routine 4 weeks ago. I was so proud of her.
Her team got 2nd place on the team awards and she got 7 out of 13 for her age.


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Feb 26, 2007
Awesome job girl! She must be so proud, just shows she has what it takes to be a real competitor.


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Aug 16, 2008
That is great and what a fabulous job she did in keeping mind over matter....
Can't wait to see what she does in the NEXT meet!!:D


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Jul 12, 2007
Amber did an outstanding job! Super to her on her beam... especially since she only recently learned the routine - wow! & Congrats to her team on a 2nd place finish :D


Excellent job!!! Sounds like that mock meet was a great way to get the jitters out before the real thing. ;)
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