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For Coaches First Meets of the Mens Season.

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Jun 6, 2008
Do the first meets of the Mens season provide any critiques with the common errors?
If so are they made public?


Last year, while going up to the judges to collect our scorecards I would try to ask the judges what their deductions were for. This was done after all the kids on an event in a flight had competed and we were waiting to rotate to the next event but it had not officially been sounded out to rotate. We were also told before the meets to not ask these sort of questions, unless it was necessary to dispute something during competition because of time reasons.

Men's judges are pretty cool. Meaning most are approachable and not psycho. MAG coaches get along well enough to eat and drink amongst each other in the coach/judge refreshment and food room so no biggies. There is a lot more of crossover in the cultures in MAG than WAG from what I here.
Not open for further replies.