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First post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi! This is my first post on CB. I am currently not on any gymnastics team, but I really want to be on USAIGC next year. At my gym you have to get recommended by a coach in order to be on it. I am trying everything to impress my coaches, but I dont have all the skills yet. Considering this is my first year, I think they are going to wait a couple of years and then put me on team. I however am inpatient and very determined to make it to team next year. I wont take no for an answer! Does anyone have any tips on how to impress coaches??? Please help!


Hey! The best way to impress a coach is to put in extra effort. Work hard. A coach notices if you're doing wall sits while waiting on vault, do oversplits when everyone else is just on the floor, etc.


Apr 12, 2010
Work really really hard, tell them that you have an interest in going to team, put in extra effort in conditioning and stretching, and make sure you have good form on all your skills!

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be able to compete in Copper, the lowest level. I did it last year and it was a blast! Now I'm doing Bronze and it's so cool because I now have a optional routine with actual tumbling passes, can jump to the high bar, almost do a kip (I'm literally 95% there), vault over the real table, and can do a backwalkover on beam. And last year I could do pretty much nothing, haha, so it's a big accomplishment for me! USAIGC teaches harder skills earlier which makes it exciting and tons of fun! Plus if we happen to get a skill above our given level, it's not like Level 5, where you HAVE to do the set routines, but they are optional, so you can add them in if you want! :) And lots of people say the scoring is easy, but certain judges/states are actually really hard! Well you don't have to worry about it much in Copper though, because you don't even need a qualifying minimum score to go to Nationals! Bronze does, though, and I barely qualified for State! I'm hoping to qualify for Nationals this weekend :O...
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