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For Parents First state comp results

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Blake's mum

New Member
May 20, 2007
Nsw Aust
My little boy Blake(turned 6 in June) went in his first level 1 Age competition and qualified for State championships, with a point score of 50.85, Sydney in Sept am so proud of him
he placed 1st on Floor with a 9.1
3rd on pommell horse with 8.9
he did a fantastic rings routine but fell on the landing and scored 8.65
vault 8.2
High bar 8.8
he was devastated that he came last on parrell bars (7.2) but he is only 100cm tall and not very wide so that will get better when he grows

He came 10th overall which was fantastic considering the majority of kids are at least a year older then him so he is now training hard to go off to sydney
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