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First time poster and we’re moving interstate

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Jul 25, 2018
Hi all...this is my first time posting here, I’ve read the forum for a little a bit but never commented or posted until now.

My DD is 8yo and currently training level 3 and competed well all season scoring 36’s and has been up training for level 4 and most level 5 skills since the end of last year. She trains 8 hours a week at the moment over 3 days.

We are about to move to a new town which means a new gym. We took her for a visit and she was tested and placed into level 5 in there program training 14.5hrs a week over 4 days and gets weekends off. My DD is super excited about being placed in level 5.

I’m excited and pleased for my daughter but I’m also slightly worried about how she will adjust to the extra training time and big jump in levels. Any tips to help make this process as easy as possible for her please? She will get a snack break during training so tips on what to pack her to help get her through her sessions greatly appreciated also!


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Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
How long will the practices each be? And how long are current practices?
The difference in hours shouldn't be too hard to adjust to.
8 hours / 3 days would be roughly 10-2/3 hours if the average was done 4 days a week.
The new gym with 14.5 hours is less than an hour extra (on the average) ... which is why HOW they break up the practices is important.

You said that she has been working on L4 and most L5 skills since the end of last year. I think she would do fine at L5 since she has been training the skills for a while.

As for what to pack, it will depend on the length of the break, but I would do something healthy like homemade trail mix with granola, raisins, and a few other personal favorites ... or seedless grapes ... or, if they have a refrigerator available, a yogurt tube or something similar. I am sure others will have much better ideas for snacks.


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Oct 10, 2013
Sydney Australia
I assume you are in Australia? You did not say what state you're in, so I do not know when the next season will start for you, but in my state the fives will not start their new season until mid next year. This would give your daughter time to settle into a new training routine and pick up the last few skills she needs.

How strict is the new gym? I would ask them about easing her in to the new training schedule by either picking her up early some days, or doing the full hours three days a week and then adding the fourth day once she is accustomed to the longer training sessions. My daughter's gym allows this, even encourages it, but I know some gyms don't.

Skipping four isn't a huge deal if she has been uptraining for a long time. The difference between three and four is minimal. The big jump is going up to five but it isn't much more of a jump from three to five than it is from four to five.
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