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Flexibility for middle splits?

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New Member
Jun 17, 2014
I guess I have really tight hip flexors, my middle splits look horrendous. Both my right and left split are nearly down but when it comes to my middle splits I look like the Eiffel Tower (not a joke) my coach tells me to do extra stretches at home and I do and I'm not improving. Any tips on thing I could do to loosen up my muscles?


Former Gymnast
Jun 11, 2013
What stretches are you doing at home? Too much of a good thing is also not helpful. Research shows that holding a stretch for 30-40 secs will encourage a more permanent change in muscle length. More than 60 secs starts to cause tears and scar tissue may form which then makes you tighter and less able to gain flexibility. Also, bouncing in stretches and over stretching has the same effect. So you are better off holding a stretch for 40 seconds 3 times with rests in between (or do a different stretch) or doing it multiple times a day. With persistence and doing this most days you should start to see slow improvement. Patience is the key though. My middle splits now aren't good at all, but they have improved with a little extra stretching just not too much. Gentle massage down your adductor muscles may help too.

Another important thing with stretching is to make sure your muscles are warm before any type of stretching. The worst thing you can do is stretch a cold muscle. Have a shower, do 50 jumping jacks, do something before stretching. You can do more damage than good otherwise!

Hope that helps :)


New Member
Jun 23, 2013
We'll I go up if you have one a beam and do middle splits everyday for a minute on each leg!!And for my regular splits I put on of my feet on something it can be a chair you bed or if you have one a square block for 2 minutes on each legs!!!!!I hope you like what I told you!!


Stretch out the ITB with pidgeon pose and foam rolling. Maybe even piraformis.

Do froggie splits.
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