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Flip Fest Gymnastics Camp!

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Dec 8, 2007
Does anyone know anything about flip fest in Tennessee? I want to go this summer. So has any one had an good expierences with it or bad?


Quite a few gymnasts and coaches from our gym go every year. My DD went to a clinic there (3 days) and really enjoyed herself and learned a lot. The camp is in the middle of nowhere...seriously. Other than that, the cabins are great, good food, hiking, camp fires, volleyball, jet skis, and of course GYMNASTICS. The owners, John and John (Olympians) are great.


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Feb 17, 2008
North Carolina
i went to this camp the year before they bought their own land. the camp was just at a local gym, and they bussed everyone back and forth between the gym and the hotel. i loved it though, they coaches were great, they had a lot of fun activities, and tons of gymnastics. i can only imagine that its even better now that they have their own property, with cabins and everything. i would definitely recommend it!


my old gym used to run this camp lol GO! its a really good camp, its fun, it has a lot of great people... granted I haven't been there in a while...

But seriously its a good camp.


i go every year and it is amazing. you will have so much fun and get a lot of good gymnastics in. this yr im going for a month and i cant waittt =] !!!!!


Apr 11, 2008
Flipfest is a wonderful camp. My daughter will be attending it this summer for the third time. She picked a week at Flipfest over a week in Hawaii so it must be good!

From a mom's perspective, the facility is very nice and they do a good job balancing good, quality training time with fun group activities. Each year she has come home with a new skill. John and John (along with their families..including pets) are terrific with the kids along with the Olympians that come in to assist. My daughter went for her first time with her team when she was only 6 years old and they did a fantastic job of taking care of her. I would HIGHLY recommend it.



I just got back from Flip Fest today! I was there for weeks 1-5 as a Junior Counselor and it was absolutely amazing! This was my third time going to Flip Fest. It gets better every year. They have nice, air-conditioned cabins, a beautiful lake and property, fun activities like the FF Olympics, tubing & jetskiing, swimming, an awesome ropes course, volleyball, a haunted hike, skit night, 2 dances, a scavenger hunt and tie dye for Children's Miracle Network. This is the best camp in the world and I highly reccommend it. The staff if great and John Roethlisberger and John MacReady are the best owners in the world. Randy Parrish is the "fun guy", Brian Jones is the "humanitarian and marine", Stephanie is the activites coordinator and Phil Kingsley is an amazing director and coach. Trust me, once you get there you will not want to leave!

-Brittany =]


Brittany is right! you totally will not want to leave! i posted earlier that i was going for a month this year...i just got back today and ended up stayin 8 weeks instead of 4...best time of my life!


You went to gym camp for 8 weeks?!?! Wow you are so lucky!


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Apr 28, 2009
one of the best. one that i actually recommend.
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