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Floor Elements

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varsity gymnast

New Member
Mar 17, 2009
what are some good floor elements for level 8 gymnasts??
i need some ideas or suggestions... because i have state coming up and i need to prefect all my routines..
so if you can help out that wouldbe great...


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Hey, i am only a level 6 and we only have 2 optional level gymnasts at our gym...1 level 7 and 1 level 8.
our level 8's passes are....round off, back hand spring, backlayout full; front handspring, front tuck, front tuck; and a front tuck step out, round off, back handspring, back layout.
her front pass WAS a front handspring , front layout....but it got changed because she kept falling. :)
try looking on youtube and look at level 8 routines and see what passes those girls do.
hope that helps :)
and i don't know what dance is appropriate for a level 8, other than a double full turn.


Active Member
Former Gymnast
Jun 24, 2008
Why don't you just keep doing the same routine that you've been doing the whole season? It seems a little counter-productive to redo your passes and dance at the last minute, especially without consulting your coach.

FWIW, our L8s do:
1. RO BHS 1 1/2, FHS FLO FT, double turn, switch leap ring leap, RO BHS 1/1
2. RO BHS 1/1, switch leap to 2 feet straddle jump, FHS FLO FT, 1 1/2 turn, RO BHS layout
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