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front giant help!

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I keep slipping wen i go to shift for front giants! i can do great ones on strap bar but since we are learning them on the high bar right away im having some difficulty! what do i do to help me shift so that i have a good grip on the bar??


This is why some coaches train strap bar skills in gloves as it encourages a proper wrist shift.

Can you do a back uprise to HS?


Sep 21, 2008
It sounds like youre tapping a little too early...

I would have to see it... from my understanding of it.. you want to push the bar away from your as much as you can, keeping a tall extended hollow, and before you reach the bottom you tap.

Ride the swing, and pull down on the bar. On the straps, you have "zero" friction - you dont have to worry about turning your hands because they are turned for you through the motion. On the real bar, you need to feel yourself rising and have pressure on the bar before you shift.

As Previously suggested, work reverse grip back-uprises and get them higher and higher. It will help in the long run.
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