front hip circles and mill circles

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Sep 12, 2009
I just started gymnastics and I have everything in level 3 exept a front hip circle and mill circle. I just can't seem to get around. Any ideas? :confused:
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For the mill circle, think about swinging water in a bucket. If you swing the bucket fast with a straight arm the water stays in the bucket, right? If you swing the bucket slowly with a loose arm you will probably get wet. In your stride position, push UP off the bar, then PUSH FORWARD (don't "lean down" toward the floor), head up, chest up, elbows straight. Keep your back leg against the bar and your front leg off the bar. This gives you the momentum to get around, then you have to remember to shift, don't squeeze the bar for dear life, just use the pressure on your fingers to stay on the bar and as you rise up on the back of the bar, shift your wrists to the top and PUSH down on the bar.
Not open for further replies.
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