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Front Limber, Kickovers and Rolling Tinsica Skills

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New Member
Sep 7, 2018
New Zealand
Okay, I have a few questions that need help
▪ When attempting a front limber, I just can't fall foward correctly. Whenever I try, onto any surface, raised or flat, I always manage to do a kind or cartwheel like twist fowards and land either on the ground or facing the wrong way. I have tried this on higher surfaces, arching my back more, and can walk on foot down a wall into a bridge, but it just doesn't work. Any tips?

▪ When I try a kickover, I can get a few centimetres off the ground, but can't get any higher. Like my limber, I have tried this agasint a wall off a higher surface, except I face the fear of lifting off my other foot. Is this a lack of strength, or something else?

▪Final one, what skills are needed for a rolling tinsica?

Thank you!
Not open for further replies.

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