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Future Stars Info?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by rosiekat, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. I was trying to find some better info on the Future Stars program, and found this link https://usagym.org/pages/men/pages/fs_routines.html on the USAG site. It appears that it has not been updated since 2011, though. Does anyone know if there is a more recent update? (I would assume there probably is!)

    One of my immediate questions is how age is determined. This says age on September 1, which I know changed for regular competition a couple of years ago, but I suppose it's conceivable that it didn't change for Future Stars. (And it is relevant for DS.) Thanks!
  2. It initially did change, but I hear rumors that it is changing back to the Sept. 1 date.
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  3. It's changing to Dec 31st. Some kids will repeat a year. 13yo's eliminated.
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  4. When will the change (Dec 31) take effect?
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  5. Thanks. Is that effective for this year? And is that your age on Dec 31 2018 or 2017? (I know what I'd assume, but as long as I'm asking questions...)
  6. We were told the same about December 31st being the change for this year. It would be age on Dec 31st of 2018.

    The routines have also changed since 2011.
  7. @Outlast and @rosiekat yes, as answered above - Dec 31 of 2018, will be the FS date. The JO date will remain May 31. So many kids will be X for Future Stars and X+1 for JO.
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  8. Interesting, thank you for answering krc.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be X for JO and X+1 for Future Stars for most kids?

    If B-day is between Jan 1st-May 30th (5 month span) you would be the same age for JO 2017-2018 and FS 2018 seasons which means if you competed FS last october/november, you will repeat same routines you did.
    If your bday is between May 31st-Dec 31st (7 month span) you would be X for JO and X+1 for FS, meaning you will do the proceeding age group routines than you would have competed last year.
  10. @Coach IST You are correct, however USAG looks at it the other way. FS precedes the JO season. The date for FS 2018 will be Dec 31, 2018. Athletes will compete their 2018 age (same as FIG). For the JO season 2018-19; Age date will be May 31st, 2019.

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  11. Thanks for the info. I was hoping it was still September 1, lol. So it goes!

    Sounds like the document posted on USAG is way out of date. Is there anything else I can look at that y'all know about? (routines, etc.)
  12. Appreciate the inside scoop on the cutoff. My son did FS for the 1st time last year as a 12 year old......wasn't taught the updated routines, but that's another story. He'll probably be a little upset now knowing that the 13 year old division has been eliminated.

    "Is there anything else I can look at that y'all know about? (routines, etc.)" - Pretty sure if you go onto YouTube, you'll be able to find someones routines from FS Nationals or Regionals for all age groups.
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