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Getting an F for PE because of injury?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jard.the.gymnast, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. So I have been injured for a while now. I have a doctors note and everything. My PE teacher told me I would probably get an F for PE this period because I didn't participate. I was there almost every time (I missed 2 times, I because I was sick and once because I had to go to the hospital). Have you ever experienced this?
  2. Ummmm........WOW! First of all, if you have a doctors note, I don't think he CAN give you an F. And if he/she is very strict and gives an F if you aren't there, that still shouldn't apply to you because you were sick one of the times, and you were in the hospital the other time! Of course you couldn't participate... you were injured! This is completely unfair, and you should tell the principal... your PE teacher shouldn't even be able to do that.
  3. I'm really not sure of how things work in the Netherlands. It seems very unfair and in the US I think that most parents would be able to get that to not happen; but maybe things are different in your country. (If so, that seems absurd...)
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  4. Can you offer to do an alternate assignment? Injured kids used to make a poster, do some worksheets, or write an essay on a sport etc. Maybe bring that up with your teacher?
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  5. Yuck, sorry to hear that.

    How/why would your teacher fail you if you aren't able to participate?
    It doesn't make sense to me so I've got a few follow-up questions. You don't need to answer on CB if you don't want, just some things to think about/consider.

    Did the teacher say anything about your absences or that it was just because you didn't participate? Did you have doctors notes for the two times you didn't show up to class? Did your teacher give any other reason for possibly failing you? Were you given any previous warnings?

    What did you do or were you supposed to do during class? Did your teacher know you were there each class and that you couldn't participate?

    Did you get a doctors note as soon as you could or did you wait until your teacher commented about failing you before you produced the doctor's note? Did the note specify the date range in question? Was the note a blanket statement that you weren't permitted to participate in PE class or was it more specific? Were you doing anything in PE that wouldn't have impacted your injury and therefore possibly your PE teacher would have though you should have been able to participate. Is everything you do in PE class physical? Is the a written part to PE class? Non-fitness tests? Homework? What did the teacher say when you provided the note?

    I'm still not clear on what "probably" means in this case. What are the factors that will determine if you will get an F? Does that mean if you don't fail you get a -D? What is your grade in PE based on? Do you care what your grade is as long as you don't fail? If you fail what happens?

    Do you know what's happened to others in the past or currently that aren't able to participate?

    In the US I don't think they would fail someone for not participating in PE if they have a doctor's note but I don't know how it works there.
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