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good news - grant!

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Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone, i have great news about my club!

On Wednesday (April 1st) we received the equipment we ordered from a grant from the government!!!!! We got $54, 000 (i think) worth of safety equipment, mats, and training aids. This is super exciting for us because we are training out of a high school and are very limited with equipment. We only had one wedge, one sting mat, 2 or three spotting blocks..etc. It was horrible because if someone else was using the sting mat or the wedge or something we couldn't work on what we wanted to because there wasn't enough equipment to go around.

Anyways, now that we got the grant we have SO much new equipment...whenever we want to do a drill now or use a particular mat we can because there is no shortage.

I also coach recreational gym at one of our outreach programs at a local elementary school. Our outreach programs also got new equipment. Now that we have so many new wedges, mats, backhandsrping trainers etc, I need some new drills i can do with the kids.

SO any drills i can do with the new equipment (Especially the wedges and blocks) would be great!
The kids are 3-8 y/o and working on cartwheels, roundoffs, backwalkovers, frontwalkovers, handstands, handstand splat vaults, pullovers, casts, backhip circles, frontrolls/cartwheels/handstands on beam etc (depending on the age)

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any new drills you can give me :)


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Sep 19, 2008
OHMYGOSH GRATS! That's huge, how exciting!1!111!!!! I know what a pain not having mats is, how it can suddenly ruin your plans for the day>< Not having that obstacle is such a relief! I need to think about the drills, I'll post some later!


Former Gymnast
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Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
United Kingdom
Wow! How exciting!

We also received a grant recently. We have a satellite club which operates out of a school hall, which has no proper gym equipment. It is purely a recreational club, but our grant has allowed us to purchase a new set of 'fold away' bars for the club which the more advanced girls will use. So They'll be really excited to use some actual gym equipment!

Our main club is also very short on safety mats, splat mats etc - I feel your pain! I bet is awesome not to have to share mats now!


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Mar 9, 2008
Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Good to see your government sees the importance of keep kids healthy, active & safe. Have fun using all that new equipment!!!


Congrats! Our club received a couple of grants last year from Trillium and Community Partnership Fund. It sure is a wonderful day when that truck arrives! Enjoy!:D
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