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Grades/Other Comps

Discussion in 'UK' started by Jaks, Aug 23, 2017.

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  1. My dd does Suffolk County Grades (only grade 2 so far) and Future Stars comps (usually at Colchester).

    Once you have started on the grade pathway is is possible to skip a grade if a gymnast is capable of the next grade up or do you have to follow in number order (1-8).

    Future stars - levels Novice, intermediate and Advanced.

    My dd was a novice and hasn't had great success with it, always in the bottom few and not that competitive score wise, I tend to get dd to focus on beating herself and not worry about the others, but even doing that she hasn't been successful sometimes not being able to beat her previous scores even though they were low to begin with.

    After 2 future stars comps she has gotten a new coach who entered her as an intermediate, is it usual to move up levels if the lower level wasn't successful?

    After remebering what dd did for novice and seeing what she has to do for grade 3 next year they are practically the same (swapping straddle shoot dismount from low to bar to a squat on jump off) the intermediate routine (with exception for bars and a higher vault, using a vault table, was similar to grade 5), would gymnasts normally enter comps that are similar to their grade level or does it have no relation at all?

    Just trying to understand it.
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  2. County grades area mystery to me , added to the fact BG grades are updating next year.

    But in club and national grades you can skip up grades with out doing every one. County grades are probably the same. Good luck.
  3. I am pretty clueless, I was just confused on how these things worked.
  4. and just to answer this. Yes you do sometimes move up if the lower level wasn't really successful. This can be for a few reasons. The gymnast may be better suited to the requirements in the higher level. There may be less competition at the higher level in their age group. They may be ready for a new challenge regardless of placing. etc etc.
  6. Really? Will that be for 2018 grades, I saw Compulsory 1 is really early next year, does that mean the rest will be too?

    Um what date have you seen? I heard compulsory finals were 2 weeks later next year than this year.

    Has anyone seen the date for the British next year yet?

    All the grades are due to update, some will change more than others.
  7. South Region facebook says 4 Feb for Compulsory 1 in 2018 but no dates for other grades 8-11 March for Esposito, junior & senior British Champs
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  8. Wow that is early, I thought all the compulsory finals were in May. That is only a week before the English too. Going to be very tight for people.
  9. Do you know when the grades updates come out? I'm interested in them all, but DD is interested in the national grades particularly.
  10. Compulsory 1 is out, rest of the compulsory grades will be out soon. Rest will follow. So no idea really when they will reach clubs.
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